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Deh herb is your friend, not a drug. it is a plant. Moreover, hegemonic discourse is not a theory, it is a conversate. When it comes to love and muggles, i'm not about that lyfe.


Always Remember …

You are beautiful
You are worthy
You are important
You are special
You are unique
You are talented and
You are irreplaceable!


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Hang me from the rafters
so that I may dry myself
with the billow smoke that
escapes from between your
teeth each time you unclamp
your lips. One day I will be
dry enough to leave. I will
pick myself up, shadow for
shame, and cough on the
clouds left behind me.

mun.2 tv: Black and Latino

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The thing is though, you never see him looking at her that way. It’s always her looking at him. No wonder she started doing crazy shit. That happens when you give some one your all and they don’t give it back. 

Boys be making girls crazy.

Fuck all men. Misandry

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